Solar Fake – “Another Manic Episode” album review


Released on 30th of October, the fourth Solar Fake album is a gift to all Solar Fake fans.
The album is characterized by real dancefloor hits, most songs can easily be played in clubs and danced to since they are very rhythmic and melodic at the same time. There is a slight shift from some more melancholic to more aggressive tracks where we can hear even a shift from Sven’s familiar and recognizable voice to some harsher version of his vocal performance as on “Fake to be Alive”.

R-7659681-1446144901-9059.jpegHowever, the core of the album is “All the Things You Say”, where you can recognize Solar Fake as it has always been, with the feel of Sven’s melancholia and nostalgia both musically and lyrically.
The next track is “Under Control” that I can already see played on dancefloors a lot, as it provides a more joyful and positive vibe and a chorus easy to follow.
But as I like the melancholy moments of Solar Fake, I find yet another song to my liking, “Until It’s Over”, the moments on this album you can reflect upon when listening this album at home.
As the album is balancing between more melancholic and more aggressive moments so are the songs and we can hear one more shift in “The Race of the Rats”.
Yet another emotional moment comes with “I Don’t Want You in Here”, my favourite song, the reason you must like Solar Fake even if you are not a fan. “Stay” can show you the emotionally deep side of Sven Friedrich’s work, something that Sven is mostly devoted to in his projects and is mostly the reason I like his work, besides his immaculate voice.

Members: Sven Friedrich and André Feller
Label: Out of Line
Enjoy the video for “All the Things You Say”!