Suede – “Night Thoughts” album review


After such a great come back with “Bloodsports” in 2013, I was very curious about their “Night Thoughts” album. Will Suede come back to their old glory; the sound I loved so much on their first album and “Dog Man Star”? After hearing “Bloodsports” and seeing them live I thought the guys are completely back. How much back they are, they are proving once again with this year’s release.

What I have loved about their early work was their genuine selves in their music and writing, their awareness of the world, a complete understanding of a human nature, time, weaknesses and glory; all that is inside us, the universe at our palms. Their proud guitars, their slow death and life mixed together, their love, their drugs, and their troubled and clean minds, all in one. I could feel all of that in their work; all the secrets you won’t tell, revealed in their music making and words. There was only truth to be faced. This album has it all! They say: Fight the sorrow, like there’s no tomorrow. Sometimes that is all that takes to feel alive, someone to tell you “Fight the Sorrow”. No, it’s not the title, it’s a line from “No Tomorrow” giving a hope to all you lost on the streets, as Suede always did.


 No great joy on this album, not many happy endings here. At times it becomes difficult to listen to this deep melancholy in their guitars; Brett being fabulous as always. You can hear they have aged, but time made them ripe, like the wine; they taste like the greatest mixture of pleasures on your tongue.
This is no ordinary review, maybe better a retrospective of the band I’ve loved for so long. And if you really want to get to their bottom point, go visit their show, they give it all. To you.
Love has never been nearer and further… listen to “Night Thoughts” as they are the night thoughts indeed.

Released 22 January 2016
Label Suede Ltd.