n-suuns-hold-still-2016-review-4731-12016 is not exactly the best music year. The man with the white beard takes away all the music gods, but at the same time we are overwhelmed by many super bands and this year’s darkest records comes from the indie world. Previously, we mentioned the new The KVB and the enchanting Is The Is Are by DIIV, now we add the third CD of the Canadian Suuns.

The quartet from Montreal went to Texas for recording the new album and worked with producer John Congleton, who did wonderful things with Swans and The War On Drugs. Suuns sees Hold/Still as a new chapter, and although you hear the typical melancholic sound of the previous records, these 11 tracks are an unique blend of shoegaze, electronica and krautrock.

Suuns is not the kind of band that is looking for the ideal radio hit, because thert is none on Hold/Still. However, from the first tones of Fall (think of a jam session of My Bloody Valentine), you’re sucked into a special and very dark world.

Track after track you discover other influences, Instrument gets some electronics, and even though Suuns has probably never heard of them, this is still pure Haus Arafna.

Un-No is doomy, while Resistance is electronics with krautrock influences, which you also will hear in Mortise And Tenon as well. There is even experimenting, just listen to Brainwash.

You want more influences? How about the Television-like Paralyzer or Translate, on which you get tyhe impression that Kim Gordon is playing.

For those who only read the conclusion of a review: Hold/Still has to be in your collection, now!