Tame Impala – “Currents” album review


It is not easy to write a few words even about what I consider the best 2015. release. It was a great year for the music industry indeed, but between other great “mainstream” releases, this one should absolutely be named as a winner. They have been described as a psychedelic rock, and they label themselves funnily as epiphany pop, and epiphany it really is, at least as their last album is concerned.

Even though my cousins from Perth describe the city as a dead one, a place people go to retire and die, how could this happen in a dead city? And it made me wonder if Perth is dead indeed. No way, not with a band like this.


Even though the first official single was “Cause I’m a Man”, the second one, “Let it Happen” is one of the strongest statements on the album and the first track which demonstrates the ultimate creativity this album is all about. But no one should be fooled by its poppy sound, the track is a heavy one, both in melody and lyrics, and the video can really make a grown man cry; there is something to think about here and that is life. The overall sound of the album relies more on synth sound than guitars and the general feel of the release is “Tame Impala in a pop version”.

You don’t really need music charts to know this one made it high, and as I am holding the cd in my hands, I feel I am really holding a piece of music history.

There are some very catchy songs with a disco vibe to them such as “The Moments” and some of the songs can really be described as love songs; fighting with the end of the relationship or inviting it.

Even when the tempo is slow, you still want to dance to the track, as “Yes I’m Changing” asks you to. But for the full experience you must really pay attention to the lyrics, and even if Parker is talking about himself, he talks about you too. There is a lot of hurt, nostalgia, questioning and hoping. Another dance hit is “The Less I Know the Better”, and even you can perceive this one a little less deep than the rest of the tracks, there is a funky vibe and a flowing melody you cannot resist. “Disciples” is one of my favourites, being so retro coloured until the chorus that really invites you to dance. And the most meaningful is a slow dancer “Cause I’m a Man” as I can understand it fully; a man’s perspective on his emotions and actions. So girls, if you are searching for an answer about your man, here it is! The lyrics here are something every female listener should listen to and try to understand the real weaker sex; hard to imagine, but in a way, is it really a men’s world out there? In “Reality in Motion” Parker goes back to the thing he does best, a great flow of feelings in the melody, all with a pinch of melancholia. The last track “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” starts in a darker manner, rather monotone, but if you are patient with this one, there is a surprise waiting for you somewhere half way through the track; a wonderful musical change, even though lyrically it keeps one direction, a struggle of a mind, and you discover for yourself what it’s about!