The Legendary Pink Dots “Angel In The Detail” – album review


The Legendary Pink Dots has thrived far outside the mainstream since the 80’s. Having released more than 40 albums, their latest offering ‘Angel in The Detail’ is a bold and ambitious work.

Two years in the making, it is a complex and layered album. Drawing on a plethora of sounds, textures and ideas. Hovering somewhere between Underworld, The Young Gods and Pink Floyd, ‘Angel in The Detail’ warrants multiple listens to even scratch the surface. There is a lot to be discovered here and the rewards are there for the dedicated listener. The fine details in this sonic landscape echoing the title of the album.

“Even on the darkest day. Even on the longest night. Even when there seems to be no hope left. Even when you surf the channels and see only monsters. Even little you, little me, pacing our way through a forest of dark menacing shadows wondering if the great creator had simply sneezed upon the candle we need to guide us through to kinder pastures. Even now my friends, there is an Angel In The Detail. An album two years in the making. There were a few diversions, a few questions never answered, and a cloud full of value moments. The latter have been preserved for you here and many will be related live on the forthcoming Legendary Pink Dots 40th Anniversary Tour. In fact, we turn 40 in August 2020, but I guess there is no harm in starting things early.”

At times veering into progressive jams, layered with hypnotic vocal lines and rich thick ambient swells. At others, it is firmly in trip hop territory. This is a truly eclectic offering from a truly eclectic band and may well be one of their strongest works to date.

‘Angel in The Detail’ is out now on Metropolis.


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