Tiny Magnetic Pets “Girl In A White Dress” – EP review


I have been aware of this group for a little while; unfortunately until now, I had not heard any of their work. Nearly getting to see them in Islington earlier this year was the closest I have got to hear them. After listening to this EP, I regret not being able to be there. Seeing their image made me wonder if it was going to be listening to something by Dido with a Depeche Mode background. Being vacuous and judging their look, rather than the music, I realise pretty soon, they don’t sound like they look. Not knowing what to expect can actually be very rewarding and you’ll tell from my review that is the beauty of music and its understanding. I won’t deny the fact that the title track is fluffy & bright, but the vocals float on air. Paula Gilmer has a beautiful voice. The tune supporting her singing compliments the simple lyrics perfectly. ‘Girl In A White Dress’ has a bold, sunshine feel from start to finish. It’s going to pick you up and brighten your spirits the moment you hit play. I compare this particular track to something that The Cardigans’ at their height would have put out. ‘Kicked off in Ikea’ is different; it might well be a The Ting Tings thing! Maybe the name of the track indicates the direction they have chosen. However, it’s nice to see a contrast; I honestly love a group or artist that has the ability to have the same musical structure, but the ability to produce a different sound. This track is roguish and Paula has an edge in her voice when emphasising her statements. The quality of an extra track on what would have possibly been a ‘B’ side in days gone by, stands as solid as the title track. Another indication that this group does not wish to produce throwaway or filler tracks. ‘All the Mad Things’ is sublime. It has the ability to offer different feelings and emotions simultaneously; it’s a little sombre, but similarly very chill. This is a distinct track, with lots of interesting undertones and interactive play. All the while Paula tells her story over the melodramatic sounds. I specifically wore headphones to revisit this track and realise that your mind can end up going away into many different directions whilst listening. Cool effect. If a musician manages to entertain, whilst performing in audio alone, that is a masterful accomplishment. Again the track is not a support to ‘Girl In A White Dress’, it is an equal. The final track ‘Above & Overture’ finishes the EP perfectly. More instrumental than the previous tracks, it allows Sean Quinn & Eugene Somers a moment to shine. This has been the most positive and optimistic sound I have heard this year. The EP is a must to brighten up the most dismal day. It radiates sunshine, prosperity and hope. Tiny Magnetic Pets are true professionals and I will make time to see them when they next tour at a venue close by.

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