Ultranoire – “Disclosure” album review


This interesting German-Hungarian duo consisting of two members, Josef Stapel (singer/songwriter) and Szilard Kun (musician, keyboardist), has recently released their debut album “Disclosure”.
It consists of 11 tracks that include 6 songs from their first and second EPs and four never released tracks.

a0265012572_10What “Disclosure” is all about can be heard right from the start. “In the Darkroom” is a perfectly chosen opening track for dark synth pleasure that awaits you further. It is dark, it is moody, it is slow and sticky and makes a statement: here is the dark side of synth music!
“Leaving Sensoria” is a bit more melancholic but the feel of darkness you could sense on the first track is gone, so even though it is not an uplifting track, it is not as heavy. “Bad Moon Rising” continues with the ambiental feel, as you are in a perfect dream space of synthetic landscapes; the sounds are flowing and ethereal. A bit more daring beat line can be heard on “Drowning Man”, which is again a truly dark and, this time a bit minimalistic piece, leaving the listener following the voice and rhythm. And if you’re into a dancy rhythm, you may be able to find it on “Lost (Shifting Realities 2012)” along with a more uplifting tune this time, so the track immediately stands out, as this is the most danceable track on the album so far. Even though we didn’t expect much of a dance material here, this song has that quality, good beats and catchy tune, but remaining melancholic and dark. “Taste me” brings me a hint of some Depeche Mode vibe, but as a slow dancer. “Desperation” gets Ultranoire back on track of melancholia merged with rhythm again, so, another dance floor material is here, very melodic tune and beat that can get you move.
The closing track “Singularity” is again perfectly chosen, as it rounds up the whole story of “Disclosure” and closes the album in a dark melancholic way, as we could recognise that Ultranoire is about finding beauty in those darkly painted feelings and sounds.
Track list:
1. In the Darkroom 04:01
2. Leaving Sensoria 04:06
3. Bad Moon Rising 04:07
4. Distant Galaxy 03:24
5. Drowning Man 04:40
6. Lost (Shifting Realities 2012) 03:55
7. Taste Me 03:52
8. Desperation 03:55
9. Perfect Time 02:10
10. Drifting (Excerpt) 01:48
11. Singularity 05:47

Release Dates:
Moscow: November 30, 2015
Europe and rest of the world: December 17, 2015