Vogon Poetry “Life, The Universe And Everything” – album review


The third full length Vogon Poetry’s album Life, The Universe And Everything was officially released on 20 April 2018. While The Perfect Stories merged the 80s influences with the band’s vision of synth pop and electropop, this album shows their opinion on electropop genre; the album sounds more futuristic than Vogon-Poetry---Life,-the-Universe-and-Everythingnostalgic. The catchy melodies, danceable beats and exceptional vocals of John Andersson make their music appealing to the wide audience. They are poppy and elegant, yet not entirely commercial. Whether they are inspired by SciFi themes or synth pop history, they successfully deliver the unique mixture; they balance between fiction and deep emotional states. While certain tracks were inspired by SciFi or even popular TV series, others depict visions of the future. The first three songs sound rather melancholic. However, they break the sequel with the cover of S.P.O.C.K. ‘s “In Space No One Can Hear You Scream”, which is spiced up with the recognizable Vogon Poetry touch. “Heart Of Gold” undoubtedly follows the main SciFi theme. Although the song is melodic and uplifting, the melancholic feeling is still present through the album. “Serenity” is an outstanding instrumental which brings the word electronic music even closer to our understanding. “Tomorrow” puts more emphases on the vocals and absolutely wonderful melody and synthscapes. The remix of the song transforms it into a dance floor number and it is the last track on the Vogon Poetry’s SciFi voyage. The Swedish trio did a great job once more; the album is distinguishable, catchy, inviting and everything a contemporary synth pop should be.