Vogon Poetry – “The Prefect Stories” album review


Vogon Poetry came out this year with this really interesting release “The Perfect Stories”. As by now I am used to paying attention to Swedish acts, this one is surely a band to take notice of.
Listening to this album, I find a lot of nostalgic moments within it. It is definitely a merge of influences, but I am glad to hear them in present time and packed up in such an interesting way; a glimpse to the past, that we all treasure so much. I am always glad to hear some new music merging with that old vibe in electronic sound.

cover_vogonBy the time I got to the second track, one name clearly popped up my mind, that of Alison Moyet, especially on “Never Too Late”. I particularly like IAMX cover of “Spit It Out” that gives it a bit more dancy and sharp dimension.
Even though the retro feel runs through the whole album, it is really prominent on some songs, and more than one influence can be heard on each song. The good example of playing with influences is again “Moments” that feels like very Erasure-sque, uplifting, popy, dancy and utterly melodic. Great vocals!
I really can’t stay indifferent to this brilliant vocal performance that can be heard on “The Great Big Nothing”, as again Alison is on my mind, and being compared to her really means something. The song relies mostly on vocals as the core of the track.
“Afraid” and “Virtues” are again Erasure and Yazoo inspired but don’t get fooled into thinking you can predict the album just by those comparisons as you really have to listen to it to get the clear picture of what Vogon Poetry did here.
By combining catchy tunes, danceable beats and bringing back to life some great moments from synthpop history they managed to make an updated album of some retrospective musical thoughts.

Vogon Poetry - The Prefect Stories (SA 058) - vg_ps_cover_traycard_outside_scentair_1Tracklist:
1. Ready Player One
2. Never Too Late
3. Spit It Out
4. Possibilities (Bistromath Remix)
5. Moments
6. Hyperspace Bypass
7. The Great Big Nothing
8. Afraid
9. Virtues

released by ScentAir
released on 28th of August 2015