VUDUVOX are a two-piece electro industrial act originating from rainy post-industrial Flanders. J-C—vox and machines—is/was the frontman of French postpunk minimal electro act BUZZ and Olivier T.—guitar—also plays live electro-perx in Grand Chaos and SA42. Their pulsing bass sequences and minimal drum lines compete with android guitar riffs and angst-ridden vocals.

14804974_1200829773325515_295701464_nVUDUVOX have shared the stage with Psyche, Implant, Attrition and Parade Ground, to name but a few… To boot, Dirk da Davo—of Neon Judgement fame—pre-produced their first album “Vaudou électrique”. Mastered by Implant’s Len Lemeire and Pankow’s MF, it was then released to rave international reviews on the EBM/electro/industrial Italian label Elektro Kommando (aka EKProduct) in November 2014.

VUDUVOX remixed Rhesus Factor, Llumen and Implant and recorded a cover of Front 242’s “Headhunter” for the “Im Rhythmus Bleiben” compilation also featuring Leaether Strip, Patenbrigade:wolff, K-Bereit, Plastic Noise Experience, Steril etc. while being remixed by Pankow, Dolls of Pain, Danny Briottet (viz. Renegade Soundwave, Depeche Mode), David Harrow (viz. Anne Clark), Combat Voice and Bak XIII.

VUDUVOX tracks were/are aired by Nick Mercer (UK), Limey Git (USA), Cyberland (FR), Sampler et sans Reproches (FR), Objectif Zone (FR), RCV 99 FM (FR), Retroactivity Radio (BR), Radio Solaris (IT), The Slab (UK), Coma électrique (FR), De Dag Des Oordeels (BE), EBM Radio (DE), Soleil Noir (FR), Elektro wUndergrund (DE), Bloodlit Radio (IT), Darkness (FR). Two of them successively ranked at number 1 in EBM Radio’s charts for many days in May and June 2015 whereas others feature in DJ Shane’s Mente Violenta (USA), Roger 24’s Neue Welt Sessions (De), Dark Modulator’s EBM MIX XIII…

A second VUDUVOX album is currently in its last mixing stages, before its mastering at the Implant Plant.


Don’t miss their two upcoming UK shows at the Blitz festival on Saturday, 12th November in Northampton: and at The Black Heart, Camden , London on Sunday, 13th November.