Whispering Sons – “Endless Party” album review


Even though Whispering Sons are a fairly young band, it really means nothing when it comes to their music making. From the first song on the album, I got a feel they have been around for much longer. It may have to do with the sound they are really devoted to, a sound that was influenced by some of the genres we thought were indeed a forgotten story. But yet, this band is reinventing the whole thing. And it is really in this music jungle of today very much appreciated by the folks who dig this kind of the sound. Post-punkish, with a touch of shoegaze they are very atmospheric as well, and the atmosphere they create is gloomy and dim. But they are not a nostalgic band, they don’t cling onto some past glorious times; no, they are truly reinventing the sound, playing with some sources but being careful to maintain their own integrity.
So what to tell about “Endless Party”! It is a six track album just recently released on vinyl that I highly recommend to all vinyl lovers: get your hands on this peace of material!


The first track “Shadow” shows you their force, will and intention, both instrumentally and vocally; sounding like a dark anthem with a very powerful musical statement and a thoughtful chorus, but is still more power than “dark” oriented.
The second track “Midlife” does bring some memories of post-punk indeed. But what is significant for the overall feel is the distinguishable voice. And yes, that is a girl singing. I doubt you will hear so many similar voices, as she has a really powerful alto and knows how to play with it without falling into the drawer of “boring”, that can usually happen when such a performance is needed.
A bit lighter tune comes with “Time” and what I really like about this one is the guitar that works as a duo with her vocals here.
And the darkest point of the album surely is “The Night” as it is really like a night to this release. A feeling of decomposition and imbalance haunts me here, and they really did want to make you restless and even anxious. The vocal line here is more in a talking manner and is only revealing itself at the chorus, where suddenly song starts to assemble. Favourite track of mine, as you really need to dig it. It surely is not for a superficial listener; they were really careful not to sound anything like that.
“Insights” I could place next to “Shadow” as I consider these two songs really as the anthems of the release, both being equally powerful and monumental.
“Wall” is a bit more playful, rhythm oriented and more funky, so good hit quality here; they disband the gloom and this track feels a bit more optimistic than the rest of material, but not to be fooled by the catchy melodic phrases, it is still what it is: one deep, thoughtfully written and arranged peace. A nice way to wrap Whispering Sons experience in one small but explosive package!