Wild Roses For The Exit – “Wild Roses For The Exit” album review


So, what’s new in UK? A fresh new project which started in 2014 but did not take long for the debut album released in November 2015. So what can we expect from this productive solo artist?

In its core this project is a pure gothic rock with an extensive use of the synths that really combines well with the guitar riffs and all that gothic rock is characterised by.

It is dark, it is emotional and the vocals are also perfectly in line with the style.

Even though H.I.M. and some other names are cited as the main influences, I can hear some London After Midnight here, especially in the opening track “Chasing The Ghost”. The track has a lot of rhythm but what makes it more flowing in sound is the synth melody.


While some tracks are heavily influenced by gothic rock, some others can feel more as a good synth pop really, as you will find a lot of it in “Neon Flight To Heaven” that caught my attention on the very first listening. It’s a soft and mellow track, with a bit of the nostalgic feel in sound and the vocals here are more appealing to the synth pop genre. However, the beautiful nostalgic and melancholic feel that runs through the track makes it perfect for those “dark in heart” listeners.

That this is one really diverse album from a very talented author you can tell from the very next song “Dog Rose Of The Wild Forces” that again makes a move further from the gothic rock label and has a statement of its own; it is very dancy and even poppy so I can easily imagine this one played on the dance floor, and not necessarily in goth clubs. I feel it as a perfect balance from the retro and modern sound. “Argentina” is one more of so many great surprises that awaits you here, as this track is really showing you such an emotional capacity that can be delivered with a sound, even if you don’t pay so much attention to the lyrics. After such a great sequence of synth pop tunes, the next one “Mirrors In The Dark” goes back to a more goth sound where guitar riffs and synth intertwine brilliantly into one true goth anthem. “Nightlife” goes further into the basic gothic rock sound with the great chorus that shows once more the real musical potential of this artist. The next few tracks are a showcase of the gothic rock, which you hear as well in the vocal performance and not only in the overall feel of the tracks. Pay attention to “Replicate”, one of my favourites; the song with a lot of attitude that again merges synth wave and gothic rock into a perfect whole. Cleverly chosen track to close the album is “Oxygen”; an emotional, dark and melodic piece, and surely you will want to listen to the album once more after hearing it for the first time. I know I will.