Attasalina’s art: Freed From Rage and Sorrow


I am a musician / photographer from California. Specializing in fine art and film photography, my work covers many subjects including landscape, portrait, nude, mixed media and documentary. I am currently working on my first book entitled Freed From Rage and Sorrow: Reflections of Emptiness in the American West. Photographed in various black and white films, this personal journey documents my experiences and observations searching for truth and discovering beauty in the haunting landscape of the American West.

FreedFromRageandSorrowThe story began in 2004 when my husband and I purchased a 1986 Vokswagen Vanagon and started traveling the country after leaving an abusive situation in Hollywood, Ca. Essentially homeless, we traveled the back roads, living and camping where ever we could. Never staying in official campgrounds, we met a whole other United States, one that was just emerging at the turn of the new Millennium but is becoming quite well known today.

We stayed at rest stops some times, cooking dinner for ourselves and sharing with other travelers and picking up various hitchhikers, sharing food and sometimes money with them as well, listening to their stories and becoming more and more assured that our search for the American Dream was quite doomed.

Now more than a decade later, I am turning these images and experiences into a book. Steeped in the depth of human experience and history, these images are a reflection of my internal journey; coming to the realization of the truth of my own past and the catalyst for the recovery of memories buried deep within and almost entirely lost under the cover of severe trauma. Relating patterns, unfolding perceptions, traveling this naked reality in pursuit of understanding.

WarPonyAttasalina’s art and music can be experienced at

Facebook/Instagram – @attasalina & @freedfromrageandsorrow

singer-songwriter with The Seraphim Rising as well as collaborations with Daniel Ash & Black Needle Noise

written by Attasalina

all pictures by Attasalina

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