The Funeral Arts by Detra


Detra - Photo by Julien LarmayI’m an androgynous Goth from Texas that has been DJing Goth Rock, Deathrock, Post-Punk and Industrial for over 13 years around the lonestar state as well as the west coast. Starting off as a comic book illustrator and graphic designer, my early work can be seen in comic strips for the short lived Deathrock Magazine as well as featured artist for Drop Dead Magazine and the UK based Spiders Web Zine. About four years ago I started painting with acrylic and slowly began moving to oil. I love to paint monochrome portraits of Goth individuals that give an old black and white horror atmosphere in tribute to these beautiful dark icons of our culture. Vibrant nocturnal color cemetery landscapes are also another passion of mine; I just want to be enveloped in a world of romantic depression, grey skies, and a quiet home next to a cemetery. I mostly consider my portrait work as practice for future projects I have in mind such as otherworldly dreams and social dynamic commentary. My biggest inspirations are Gothic Romance cover artists including: Dave Karlen, Uldis Klavins, and George Ziel. I am also a big fan of Edward Gorey, Stephen Gammell, Goya Francisco, Doug Beekman, Sargent. Personal Quote: “Find beauty in the natural, un-natrual, and super natural.

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Ashley Bride of Grim Manor Catacomb Saint Cemetery II Cemetery Statue I Death Entrenched Domensticated Grim Manor Pathway to Thistlehouse Post Mortem Robert SmithJareth, the goblin king