De’Ago Art paintings by Glenn Hidalgo


Multi-Media Artist, Glenn Hidalgo brings his paintings to life with De’Ago Art. Specializing in Oils and Acrylic.

Glenn Glenn2 Glenn and Scar TissueFrom a very young age, I would say the embryo stage, I had a fascination with anything art. I guess it all started while watching my father paint for hours on end. Yeah, probably there. And after he left, Bob Ross took up that mantle. After studying fine art & graphic design at Pratt Institute in New York City, I started my career interning at Marvel Comics. From there I worked at a wide array of jobs including Fashion Designer, Art Director, Illustrator, and Photographer. Wearing many hats and always willing to try new things with different mediums, I always seemed to come back to my first love, painting. I felt most at home behind the brush. It evoked a sort of peace in my mind. The ability to create images and invite feelings from thoughts. But maybe it is closer to madness than it is to peace, come to think of it.

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Scar Tissue Scar tissue - oil and acrylic mediumWeak - Based on photography by Brooke ShadenWeak - oil paintingAutum Explosion - Based on photography by Brooke ShadenAutumn Explosion - Oils and Acrylic mediumBlindedOils and Acrylic paintWalking DeadMarilyn MansonZiggy StardustDebbie HarryDavid Bowie - oils and glitter paint